We need volunteers to do all sorts of things – Public Relations, organising fund-raising events, translation and secretarial work. In future we will also need help to chauffeur authors, provide accommodation for authors and guests, manage the venues for talks and workshops, distribute leaflets, act as guides and more. Every little helps and anyone can apply (any nationality, creed, age, gender) and offer whatever hours they feel comfortable with.

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Friends of LittFestEauze

Friends benefit from:

  1. Two weeks of priority booking for fundraising events, festival talks, dinners etc before reservations open to the general public 

  2. Public acknowledgement on the website if you wish

  3. The knowledge that you are helping us deliver an amazing event at LittFestEauze

  4. Friend status is valid for one year upon a minimum donation of €15 per year. You can of course donate more!



Patrons enjoy all the benefits of being a FRIEND and may also nominate which author they want to sit with at the Festival dinner and we will do our very best to accommodate this. As there are a maximum of 6 places to be allocated these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

Patron status is valid for one year upon a minimum donation of €50. You can of course donate more!


Sponsors can contribute to an event, a talk, author’s expenses or generally to the festival. You will be acknowledged on our website and publicity materials, and will be guests at events. Sponsors may donate money or items in kind e.g. wine for the reception, accommodation, venues etc.


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If you pay taxes in France your donation qualifies for a 66% tax reduction which means that a donation of €50 will only cost you €17!  You may find this also qualifies as a charitable donation for UK tax payers. We will provide the receipt you need to claim this reduction.