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bilingual literary festival 9 - 11 October 2020

In October 2020, the historic town of Eauze will play host to the first bilingual literary festival to be staged in the Gers.  The event will bring together established and aspiring writers, avid and new readers to share and develop their passion for books and poetry and exchange cultural experiences through language and the written word.

Photo by  João Silas  on  Unsplash

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

Taking place over two days, LittFest Eauze 2020 will feature work by French and English authors. The aim is to stimulate and create discussions and inspire people of all ages to read more, put pen to paper and develop their writing skills.

Photo by  Kevin Curtis  on  Unsplash

The programme will comprise a range of readings, debates, author interviews and workshops in an informal atmosphere among the cafes, bars and restaurants.


Visitors to the event will be able to take advantage of the gastronomic, cultural, artistic and architectural heritage offered by the beautiful city of Eauze.


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For more information or just to say hello please contact us through the form below. We are looking for sponsors and volunteers to make this first bilingual literary festival a success. If you would like to contribute to any aspect of LittFest Eauze 2020 please send us a message.

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