Organising the festival

Photo by  Dylan Gillis  on  Unsplash

In our last article we shared a general discussion about literary festivals. We will be writing a regular blog both to update you on our progress and to share interesting related literary topics including book reviews, discussions with authors etc.

Excitement is building as we now start to organise our own festival. We have been researching venues in Eauze for the LittFestEauze readings and meetings to take place in the bars and restaurants on a weekend in 2020 and also for the author’s dinner on the Saturday night. 

Our ambition is to stage a 2 day bilingual literary festival in the centre of Eauze, capital of Armagnac country, that: 

  • encourages visitors to explore what Eauze has to offer
  • brings together established and aspiring writers, avid and new readers to share and develop their passion for books and poetry
  • gives the local and multinational communities and their families an opportunity to: 
    - join together, celebrate and be involved in a stimulating event
    - exchange cultural experiences through language and the written word  
  • promotes the town’s cultural identity and heritage
  • allows local artists, artisans and producers to show their skills, expertise and goods
  • enables the cultural leadership and governance of Eauze to: 
    - reach out to and involve all groups in their community
    - show its civic pride in their community 

Our aim is that this festival will:

  • enable our bilingual community to talk together and take an interest in each other’s cultures
  • inspire people of all ages to read more, put pen to paper and develop their writing skills
  • stimulate conversations that will continue long after the festival is over
  • enable people to exchange ideas with and get feedback from writers and each other
  • motivate people to read books and poetry in a different language and try out new genres
  • challenge people both culturally and intellectually to broaden their horizons
  • bring something unique to the Gers

We are currently focusing on three main objectives; to

  • encourage people to contribute time and effort to create and realise the festival
  • support and facilitate the raising of money to pay for the festival
  • communicate and promote the event and the programme to ensure levels of attendance at and participation in the festival that make it successful

To deliver the festival successfully we will need to encourage and engage with:

  • established and aspiring novelists willing to share expertise, experiences and enthusiasm
  • book lovers and avid readers, both potential and actual, from different generations, backgrounds and cultures
  • sponsors/funding: public, commercial and private who will support our endeavour
  • volunteers without whose generous contribution the event will not happen

As you can see, the website is now emerging along with the Social media – Facebook and Twitter, the marketing group is in place with a draft plan. They are also producing leaflets and business cards. 

Most importantly we need to raise funds from public, private and commercial sponsorship and if this is a place where you can contribute please contact us. We will also be arrange fundraising dinners. 

We already have a talented team committed to producing a festival that works and who are collaborating with an already established Association for legal and financial issues. This team is working hard to set up our ambitious venture and is growing by the week. We intend that we will have equal representation from both the French and English community. The majority of the team lives permanently in the Gers and, aside from our shared love of literature and writing, each of us brings a range of practical organisational and business skills to this venture.

 An organising team is not enough and we particularly need volunteers, to help with the ongoing arrangements and of course, over the week—end itself.  We are currently scoping those roles and will advertise them on this website so please keep watching so that you can find something of interest for you, your friends, colleagues and family and you can get further information or register your interest at