Summmer 2018 progress


The excitement is building and LittFestEauze is delighted to be working with a fabulous core team, bringing skills from public and private sector, large and small organisations to develop what we hope will be a regular literature festival in the town of Eauze in South-West France.

The team is international – English, French and German with all of us living in The Gers, although a couple of team members share their time with the United Kingdom either for work or a second home. Others run local businesses in the area.  Our Festival Director is Ginster Michel and introductions to her and the seven supporting team members can be found here.

We are proud to belong to a local Association ECLA (Eauze Culture, Loisirs, Animations) which translates as Culture, Leisure and Entertainment and these words sum up the spirit of the Association, which exists to enrich local social life through the efforts of its volunteers.  ECLA manages this through many workshops which include painting, sculpture, language classes, IT skills, Pilates, botany and local history to mention just a few. Our core team are all members of ECLA ensuring complete integration of the literature festival with the local community. ECLA also provide invaluable administrative resources and professional advice to support us.

Over the summer, and despite holiday absences, we have been working hard to set up systems and processes to underpin our work as the festival evolves. We have our own Cloud for storing our documents, we are agreeing our job descriptions so that we can then advertise for colleagues to join us and fill the gaps. The website is continuously developing and we plan for it to be a mine of up to date information, while our Facebook and Twitter accounts share snippets of knowledge from the world of literature and also the Eauze area. Please use the Social Media to comment, ask questions and interact with us. We really welcome your questions, your advice and of course your involvement. If you would like to join us and can help in any way, either on the run-up to the festival or at the event itself please contact us through the volunteers page and Richard will get back to you. We welcome any nationality, age, background, skills etc – everyone is warmly appreciated and it’s a great way to have fun, make new and lasting friends and integrate into an innovative, bilingual community. We completely understand that you may have many commitments and ask that you share your availability (however minimal) with us so we do not then intrude upon your personal time.

The ‘Authors team’ is seriously recruiting our authors – and are inviting proposals from interested parties who have preferably been published in both French and English. Please contact them here for more information.

Fundraising is the vital and beating heart of the festival. Over the next two years we will organise some social events and we also welcome Friends and Sponsors – more about those shortly.

If you are interested in advertising (with relevance) on our site please write to and we can discuss your requirements. Obviously we need hotels, restaurants, chambres d’hotes, taxi services and more.