The first bilingual literary festival in the Gers…

From the 9th to the 11th October 2020, the historic town of Eauze in South West France will play host to the first bilingual literary festival to be staged in the Gers. This event will bring together established and aspiring writers as well as avid and new readers who want to exchange cultural experiences and share their passion for literature.  

Taking place over a weekend, LittFest Eauze will feature work by renowned French and English authors with the aim of stimulating discussions and inspiring people of all ages to read more, put pen to paper and develop their writing skills.

People who come to this event will have the opportunity to take part in workshops that are led by the authors, get involved in debates and discussions, listen to author interviews and readings and attend the authors’ dinner. All of these will take place in an informal atmosphere among the cafes, bars and restaurants of Eauze, allowing visitors to take advantage of the gastronomic, cultural, artistic and architectural heritage offered by the beautiful town of Eauze.

Our dedicated management team of volunteers, united in their passion for literature, bring a range of professional skills to this endeavour. They are working hard to plan and organise the festival but we are looking for more volunteers, friends, patrons and sponsors to help make this first bilingual literary festival a success.

If you would like to know more about how you could help or be involved, please click on the links below: